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Careers Education Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)

Our vision: To promote the very best careers and employability guidance to all students in order to prepare themselves for progression through learning and education into adulthood. We aim to prepare students for life after school along with providing information on occupations and progression routes to post 16, college, university or work/apprenticeships, as appropriate.

Our objectives:

  • Through a planned programme of activities, Careers Education Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG), and employability, Bristol Metropolitan Academy seeks to help all students to take their place as knowledgeable, qualified and responsible adults within society.
  • Programmes and interventions will offer careers guidance to support career and option choice, raising the aspirations and achievement of individual students and equip them with skills, attitudes, knowledge and understanding as a foundation for managing their lifelong career and learning.
  • We enable young people to learn about careers, learning and work so that they can manage their own development and make life choices and decisions that will benefit their own wellbeing and contribute to the wellbeing of others.
  • We deliver a broad, balanced and connected Careers and Employability curriculum that addresses young people’s entitlement and aims to provide students with personal, social and employability skills:

– Self-development through careers and work-related education (understanding themselves and the influences on them)
– Personal, Health and Social Education activities
– Career Exploration (finding out about careers and the world of work)
– Career Development (developing skills for career wellbeing and employability)
– Experiences of work including ‘work experience’
– Voluntary opportunities
– National Citizenship Service

Careers Education Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)

Information For Students

At Bristol Metropolitan Academy, we have a number of opportunities to broaden your wider development and support you on your chosen career path. Below are a selection of links to help you on your way:



Careers throughout Bristol Metropolitan Academy:

Key Stage 3

  • Your careers programme will help you to explain how the world of work is changing and recognise the skills needed to be successful in the future
  • Name your likes, dislikes and what you are good at and explain how you can develop and improve your achievements, qualities, skills and abilities
  • Start to plan your future, setting targets and goals
  • Decide what you want to study at KS4 based on accurate information
  • Name the people/organisations who can help when you want information and advice on life and career matters
  • Look at what can influence your future plans, both positive and negative and
  • Identify ways in which you can overcome any negative barriers

Key Stage 4

Your careers programme will help you to:

  • Use the library, the careers room, careers software and the internet to investigate careers and the range of options after Year 11
  • Name and describe the options available after Year 11
  • Investigate pathways in to jobs, including apprenticeships and university routes
  • Speak to a range of people including employers, educational establishments and
  • Professional organisations to help inform your career planning and decision making
  • Research various jobs and recognise how the world of work is changing
  • Develop employability skills and an understanding of work during experiences of work. Behave safely and appropriately whilst on placement
  • Use what you know about yourself to help plan what you want to do in the future
  • Identify possible barriers to you achieving your plans and look at ways to overcome them
  • Make decisions about your future, discuss your plans at a careers interview and
  • Set goals and targets
  • Know what financial support is available after Year 11 so you can make informed decisions
    and apply where appropriate
  • Successfully move in to a planned progression route, such as sixth form, college, apprenticeship

Destination Information 2021-22

Careers Education Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)

Information For Parents

Bristol Metropolitan Academy believes in a strong aspirational focus of support for our young people to reach and fulfil their potential. We are committed to offering to offering a comprehensive and dynamic careers provision for all students across KS3 and KS4. Details of our provision are outlined below:

Bristol Metropolitan Academy Careers Programme 2022-23

Career of the term assemblyCareer of the term assembly
Careers guidance/talk at parents eveningCareers guidance/talk at parents evening
Career day (afternoon session)Career day (afternoon session)
Into University workshops (PP students)Into University workshops (PP students)
Careers Fair (after school)Careers Fair (after school)


Career of the term assemblyCareer of the term assemblyCareer of the term assembly
Careers guidance/talk at parents eveningCareers guidance/talk at parents eveningCareers guidance/talk at parents evening
Raising Aspirations EventYear 10 employability day1:1 Careers support
Into University workshops (PP students)Into University workshops (PP students)Into University workshops (PP students)
Careers Fair (after school)Careers Fair (after school)Careers Fair afternoon session
Future Quest ProgrammeFuture Quest Programme
1:1 careers advice

How you can support your child.

You can help your child choose what to do after GCSE. If you’re not sure what their options are this guide gives an introduction into different levels of education and what options are most suited to which type of student.

Please do not hesitate to contact Mr Price (SLT strategic lead) if you would like to participate in our careers provision.

The Parents Guide to Helping Your Child Know What’s Next

External Providers and Employers

Bristol Metropolitan Academy welcomes requests from Businesses, Employers, Higher Education, Further Education, and Training Providers to meet with our students for the purposes of inspiring students to believe in themselves, to support students to achieve outstanding results and to advise students on how to become successful members of the local, national and international community.
Examples of meaningful opportunities for students might include, but are not restricted to:

  • Assemblies
  • Guest speakers who are industry specialists.
  • Careers and Employability lessons
  • Attendance of local post 16 providers at key parents/support evenings.
  • “Pop up shops” (informal lunchtime information and advice stands)
  • Mentoring/Coaching
  • House Team / Extra Curricular activities
  • Staff professional development
  • All staff INSET/Conference day workshops

Bristol Metropolitan Academy is a large, successful and modern Academy with a curriculum to ensure that students achieve well in all subjects; opening doors to their future. The highest expectations and standards create a professional and purposeful atmosphere that supports and inspires all students to achieve. Outstanding pastoral care removes barriers to learning and supports students to develop personally into individuals that make significant contributions to their community and beyond.

Management of provider access request

A provider wishing to request access to Bristol Metropolitan Academy will need to make contact as far in advance as possible and at least a minimum of two calendar months ahead of any dates that an academy is being asked to consider.
The academy plans a number of events, integrated into the school careers programme that will offer providers an opportunity to come into school to speak to pupils and/or their parents/carers. Details of that programme can be found on each of the academy websites, or by contacting the Operations Manager at the academy.

On deciding which requests can be accepted the academy will consider:

  • Whether the request is suitable for the targeted cohort of students;
  • Whether the request can be incorporated into plans already in place to support students, such as careers assemblies and raising aspirations conferences;
  • Whether the requestor has already had access to the relevant cohort of students;
  • Any existing activities, trips or visits (to or from the academy);
  • Whether any disruption will be caused to the curriculum or to examinations or examination preparations;
  • Staff availability;
  • Appropriate accommodation availability.

Where a request cannot be accommodated, the academy will set out the reasons for this decision. If the request is deemed suitable but not practical due to timing, the academy will work with the provider to identify the next opportunity to accommodate the request.

Premises and facilities

The academy will, where practical, make the main hall, classrooms or private meeting rooms available for discussions between the provider and students, as appropriate to the activity. The academy will, where practical, also make available AV and other specialist equipment to support provider presentation. This will be discussed and agreed in advance of the visit. Providers are welcome to leave a copy of their prospectus or other relevant course literature in the academy library area, which is available to students at various times during the day.

Careers staff:

Miss Amy Oatway (Career Lead): [email protected]
Mr Andrew Price (SLT Link): [email protected]
Mr Bill Hayes (Assistant Career Advisor ): [email protected]
Link governor: Marie Mooney (Academy Councillor): [email protected]