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Student Uniform Guide

At Bristol Metropolitan Academy we believe that students in years 7 to 11 should be dressed professionally in business dress to establish the correct attitude for learning.

Uniform Guidelines

The uniform, designed by students in 2009, consists of:

  • Academy Black Blazer with embroidered logo
    • Students must wear their blazer at all times.
    • The Principal will make the decision to allow students to remove the blazer during warm weather, this will be communicated via the tannoy and will be decided on a day by day basis.
    • Students are permitted to remove blazers whilst learning in a classroom.
  • White shirt with collar
    • Students must wear a white formal shirt with a collar. This can be long or short sleeved
  • Academy tie with embroidered logo
    • The Academy tie must be worn at all times unless taking part in PE.
    • A member of staff may advise them to remove the tie for a particular task but it must be put back on at the end of that task.
  • Formal black trousers or formal knee length black skirt
    • Students must wear formal business like black trousers or skirts.
  • Black socks or tights
  • Black or navy hijab
  • Leather or leather look black shoes.
    • Shoes must be plain black leather or leather look (you should be able to polish them).
    • They should carry no logos.
    • They must not be trainer style soles or have any Velcro fastenings
  • Jumpers
    • Students may also wear a navy blue v-neck jumper over their shirt and under their blazer if they wish. This should be a plain knitted standard school jumper with no badges or logos. Jumpers are not permitted without the blazer.
    • Sweatshirts and hooded tops are not permitted. Students found wearing these will have them confiscated until the end of the day.

PE Uniform

  • Unisex PE polo shirt with embroidered logo
  • Boys Rugby Jersey
  • Unisex PE Jersey or Unisex Hoody
  • Black or navy blue tracksuit bottoms
  • Black or navy blue shorts

Student’s personal outdoor coats, jackets and jumpers are not permitted in PE lessons. A student must have at least one of the above items on display at all times. However, students are permitted to wear as many base layers as they want during lessons. It is strongly recommended that the Bristol Met hoodie or unisex PE jersey is purchased for the outdoor winter sports.

Student Appearance

Make Up
At BMA the wearing of make up, including nail varnish, is discouraged as it is contrary to the business like values the Academy aims to promote. If make up is worn, then it must be of a very discrete nature. Acrylic nails should not be worn at any time.

Hair Styles
For Health and Safety reasons, and to support the general business like values of the Academy, BMA expects students to have reasonable hairstyles and colours. If the Principal, or a member of staff acting for the Principal, considers a student’s hair style to be unreasonable, then the student will be asked to rectify the matter.

School Bags
All students should bring a ‘School Bag’ to school every day. A ‘School Bag’ is defined by the School as a bag which is suitable to carry books of up to A4 size, basic equipment and kit for other subjects. Typically, students carry small waterproof rucksacks. These can be stored in their locker during the day.

One small ear stud may be worn in each ear. Apart from this, for Health and Safety reasons and to promote the general business like values of the Academy, no jewellery may be worn. This includes rings, neck chains and facial piercing such as nose and lip studs.

Where To Buy

‘Initially Yours Ltd’ stock the full range of Bristol Metropolitan Academy uniform and PE kit as well as suitable school trousers and skirts. Parents and carers can purchase uniform and PE garments by either visiting their shop located on Soundwell Road, by telephone or via their website. For convenience, if you order online or by telephone, delivery is direct to your home or you can collect from the shop. Prices online are the same as the retail prices and inclusive of VAT; all major credit and debit cards are accepted. Address: Initially Yours Ltd, 211 Soundwell Road, Soundwell, Bristol, BS15 1PY
Telephone: 0117 9674472
Website: www.initiallyyours.co.uk

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