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As part of the Key stage 4 option choices, students can choose Business Studies at Bristol Met.

Duration of the course: 2 years.

Course Title: Cambridge Nationals Enterprise and Marketing

How the course works:

Unit 1 – RO64 – Exam content worth 50% of the final grade

Unit 2 – RO65 – Coursework Project worth 25%

Unit 3 – RO66 Coursework Project worth 25%

In the first year of study, we cover and build the basic foundations of business:

  • What is business and what are the different types of business?
  • Market Research and Segmentation
  • Pricing, advertising and promotional strategies
  • Product Development, Production and the Product Life Cycle
  • What technology, law and external factors affecting business and the customer?
  • Customer service and feedback
  • Business Ownership and finance
  • What is the role of Human Resources and the other departments
  • Business Finance (revenue, costs, profit, break-even)

These topics are designed to give the student a broad overview of the world of business and how the foundations can impact each other. With this general understanding we will specifically concentrate on working towards Level 2 Business national vocation. Both coursework and exam units feed and overlap each other so that the students is consistently applying their knowledge. The coursework is a progressive project where the student will engage and apply their business knowledge to a give scenario where they will build their own business and carryout market research to then plan, create, finance, and brand their own product that will be given to them.

This qualification is an equivalent to a GCSE as is recognised by both Post 16 providers and Employers. The qualification does not preclude the student from studying A level Business Studies in the next stage of their education, however some providers will have a minimum requirement of a LEVEL 2 MERIT (B at GCSE). Grades are given as either a level 1 or level 2 and then a grade of Distinction, Merit or Pass.  Those students who are unable to achieve the minimum standards given for a Pass can still be awarded a Level 1, which is the equivalent to D-G at GCSE.