The Physical Education department has for many years now been proud of its success in promoting a positive impression of PE for all and for its success in extra-curricular sport.

Our philosophy is that PE is a subject to enjoy – we want every student to develop a good understanding of sport and to develop the skills and confidence in a wide range of activities that will enable them to join out of school clubs to help them develop a positive use of their leisure time and encourage a lifelong interest in an active lifestyle

We are keen in promoting ‘Sport for All’ and are proud to offer a wide range activities, through curriculum lessons and extracurricular activities, such as Football, Badminton, Netball ,Rugby , Cricket , Cross Country, Rounder’s, Table Tennis, Hockey, Archery, Cycling, Parkour, Swimming, Canoeing and Tennis.  We have also run a very successful `Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme` which has proved very popular with the students.

We are also very keen to promote `Sport for Excellence` and are again proud to compete at a national level at 3 different sports including Basketball, Fencing and Cheerleading. The MET Basketball Program was launched 3 years ago to further engage the pupils at the school and to improve behaviour, punctuality and attendance.  Significant improvements have been seen in all 3 areas each year with unparalleled on court success.  City, County, Regional and National Honours have all been accrued since starting the program.

Met Basketball Program

The Fencing academy is a CLF wide initiative setup to offer an elite outlet to pupils disengaged with traditional team sports.  The pupils regularly compete against a variety of public schools such as Sherbourne and Millfield and are the only school in Bristol to host their own Fencing Competition.  In recent years the academy has produced regional winners and national representatives in varying age ranges.

The Storm Angels Cheerleading Squad has transformed participation in girls PE and has achieved numerous regional and national titles including Exeter Cheerfest, South West Varsity and the National Schools Cheer Competition.  Up to 50 pupils train twice a week with professional coaches in order to succeed.

We compete in many Level 2 School Games competitions  and currently hold a Silver School Games award.

The department offer a variety of academic courses including BTEC Sport, GCSE PE and BTEC Dance where pupils can build upon knowledge built in PE lessons during Year 7 and 8.  These are often among the most popular subjects in the school with as many as 70 student opting onto the courses each year

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