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The Science Department is made up of an enthusiastic team of specialist teachers each with interests in the different branches of the subject that effectively complement each other.

Lessons are taught in 8 specialist laboratories with easy access to a central office and resource area. A wide range of teaching methods are used, and up-to-date materials are regularly added to existing resources to ensure that students are actively engaged in well-planned lessons.

At KS3 the department offers a broad and relevant curriculum. The emphasis at KS3 is on the development of the student’s investigative and working scientifically skills.

At GCSE level the department offers GCSE in Combined Science. This enables all students to study Biology, Chemistry and Physics as discrete disciplines and to achieve the equivalent of two GCSE qualifications in Combined Science​.

Some students may be selected to study ‘Single Sciences’ (sometimes called Triple Science).  Students who study this cover all of the content of combined science but also some additional content and are awarded 3 separate GCSEs (Biology, Chemistry & Physics).  The decision on whether single science will be offered, along with which specific students may be selected to study it, will be made each year for the cohort at the end of their Year 9.  This decision will always be made with the students outcomes as the priority.

Regardless of whether students do Combined or Single sciences they will be able to progress to Level 3 Sciences (ie, A-Levels in Chemistry, Physics or Biology).  Students do not need to study single science in order to progress to A-Level (please do check entrance requirements of any Post-16 provider to see that is the case).  Good A-Level science outcomes are always the main determiner for higher study in Science based courses (medicine, forensics, biochemistry etc).

Students perform well in this subject at BMA and national data shows the KS3 and GCSE results to be amongst some of the strongest in the South West.