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Design & Technology allows our pupils to be creative, imaginative and inspired. Here at Bristol Metropolitan Academy we aim to deliver Design and Technology to our students in a way that develops their interests and facilitates their progression across the key stages and into higher education. Students are encouraged to apply problem solving skills to overcome challenging and realistic design problems. Creativity and diversity is encouraged throughout each focus area so that students’ understanding and skills are developed throughout every stage of the design process.

At Key Stage 3:

The projects run across both years 7 and 8 encourage students to explore and develop skills across a range of Design and Technology specialisms; food studies, product design, graphics and textiles technology. A breakdown of the projects can be found below:

Year 7 and 8: Product Design

During our Product Design lessons in Key Stage 3, students are given the opportunity to design and make a sweet dispenser machine using a wide variety of tools, processes, equipment and machinery. This project encourages students to collect and use various sources of information to develop ideas, develop a range of design proposals and work with a variety of materials. This project also allows students to reflect on their designs and modify them as they develop, evaluate and test their products by identifying what is working well, what is not and providing possible improvements for future development.

Year 7 and 8 Food Studies:

During our Food Studies lessons in Key Stage 3, students are given the opportunity to prepare and cook a range of both sweet and savoury foods using a range of equipment, processes and ingredients (all provided by the school). The projects encourage students to question where their food comes from, the science behind cookery and how to maintain a balanced healthy diet through different stages of life. Students are encouraged to experiment with different flavours and textures and evaluate their success in the kitchen and identify how to progress further in their practice.

Dishes cooked in Year 7: Layered pasta salad, vegetable stir fry, scone based pizza, marble pear tray bake and a savoury crumble.

Dishes cooked in Year 8: Calzone, Dutch apple cake, pasta bake (with own made roux sauce) and a dish of their own design that meets the School Food Standards.

Year 7 and 8 Textiles Technology:

Within Textiles Technology in Key Stage 3, students are given the chance to engage in two projects that ask them to develop their skills as designers using research, existing products and peer feedback to create products that are both creative, innovative and individual to each student. They will use a range of different tools, equipment and processes; such as tie dye, applique and creating stencils using the laser cutter.

Year 7: Students design and make a monster cushion.

Year 8: Students create a drawstring bag inspired by street art.

At Key Stage 4:

At Key Stage 4, students are given the opportunity to build on skills already developed and are able to focus their interest of Design and Technology to specific areas within the subject as a GCSE course. All of the GCSE courses currently on offer at Bristol Metropolitan Academy are designed to encourage imaginative thought and promote an open and enquiring mind that can be transferred to everyday situations.

The courses currently offered are:

GCSE Food and Nutrition

GCSE Product Design

GCSE Textiles Technology

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