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The music department at Bristol Metropolitan Academy is a great place to be. It is well equipped with a brand-new computer suite, recording studio and 2 large practise rooms.

The music department at Bristol Metropolitan Academy is a great place to be. It is well equipped with an Apple Mac computer suite, recording studio and 2 large practise rooms. Students use these spaces in and out of lesson time to create, explore and perform music on their own and with friends.

The school also has a full Steel Pan and Samba ensemble as well as electric and acoustic guitars, Ukuleles, bass guitars, drum kits, glockenspiels, xylophones, hand-drums, pianos, keyboards and music technology equipment.

Year 7

The Elements of Music – Focused on Pitch, Timbre and Tempo

Keyboard Technique

Western Art Music from 1000 AD to 1750

Song Writing

Musical Notation

Popular Music

Year 8

The Elements of music – Focused on Structure, Metre and Texture

The Blues

Music for Film

Ensemble Performance

Music from foreign Cultures

Western Art Music from 1750 to present

Year 9

Media and Music


Hip Hop and remixes


Upper School

Music in Year 10 and 11 is an option and we currently offer a GCSE course following the AQA specification. As part of this qualification students complete the following three assessments:


1 completely free choice composition

1 composition to a board supplied brief, the briefs for 2017 include; theme music for a US crime drama TV programme, a piece of music for the opening of a new building, a piece of music suitable for a music and dance festival to celebrate peace and cultural diversity.


1 solo performance on either a traditional instrument, voice or music technology

1 ensemble performance

Understanding Music

1 90 minute exam focused on the 4 areas of study:

  • Western Classical tradition 1650 – 1910
  • Western Classical tradition since 1910
  • Traditional Music from at home and abroad
  • Popular music from the 1960s

This exam comprises a 1 hour listening assessment in which students have to demonstrate knowledge of historical and geographical context, theoretical understanding and instrumental techniques and styles.

Music is a high performing exam subject with 100% pass rate year upon year.

Many of our students go on to study music in the Cabot Learning Federation 6th form and local colleges.

Performance Opportunities

Every year we hold a Winter and a Summer concert which students are encouraged to take part in. In the past this has included dance, drama, art displays and parkour as well as musical performances from choir, steel pans, enrichment students and other student bands.

There are also opportunities for students to perform in events in and around the school and other federation schools.

Instrumental Lessons

Students are encouraged to take up a musical instrument and either 15 or 30 minute lessons are available, which are subsidised by the Academy. A course of ten 30 minute lessons costs £50.00 and ten 15 minute lessons cost £25.

Instrumental lessons currently available include Drums, Piano, Ukulele, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Singing, Bass Guitar, Saxophone and Violin. We are always trying to broaden our offer with new instruments as well.