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At Key Stage 3 students will discover the human and physical sides of our planet and how they are linked together. They will explore physical processes and how humans interact with their environment.  The new and excited KS3 curriculum for Bristol Met is in its third year and has been developed to cover a range of locations, key topics and most importantly, foster a love of the subject right from the very first lesson of Year 7.

Year 7, 8 and 9 curriculum adopts a thematic approach and falls under a number of broad headings.  These are: The UK: our island home, Russia, Africa, Europe, Asia, Global Issues, oceans, climate change and activism, resources and sustainable development .

A vast suite of topics will be addressed under these headings, from weather and climate, rivers, climate change, migration and development to name just a few.  A range of places, from local, to worldwide locations, will be incorporated as well as many opportunities to develop both literacy and numeracy.

At KS4 we follow the GCSE AQA specification which culminates in three exam papers at the end of Year 11.  The course is split into a physical and human geography paper and a third paper testing fieldwork and a decision-making exercise.  In paper one, the physical paper, we cover the topics of hazards, living world (including rainforests and hot deserts) and UK landscapes (including rivers and coasts).  Paper two is the human paper and looks at urban issues and challenges, the changing economic world and finally the issues or resource management.

As part of the work towards paper three, we also undertake a day of fieldwork on the Somerset coastline in the summer of Year 10.